Lee Krull was born in 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio to a family that included several generations of artists. Her talent and love for art was apparent at a young age. In high school she was the winner of three consecutive Scholastic Art “Gold Key” Awards held by Scholastic Magazines and had a drawing accepted for display in the International Art Program conducted by the National Art Education Association and the American National Red Cross.


A “snowbird” from the age of five, Florida became her permanent home at age 14. That year Lee embarked on a commercial art career, working as an artist for a local paper and print shop while still in high school. It is also the year that she received her first set of oil paints and brushes. In her early twenties, she began to show/sell her fine art (pen & ink sketches and paintings) on the local circuit until 1975. It was then that raising her family took priority; and she began to set her sights on building her  own commercial art business in the evenings. 

Lee began working with the trade by designing and producing graphics and illustrations for local printers who did not have in house art services. This led to working for agencies whose accounts today are some of the largest companies in the country. Package design soon became a specialty; designing for agencies, point of purchase for manufacturers as well as their private label clients. Her packages appear on the shelves of almost every major retail store in the United States and in those that have stores overseas. Her print ads have appeared in major magazines and shopping malls nationwide. In 1980 Lee worked in interior design, rendering perspectives, elevations, and then designing built-ins and changes to model homes in Broward & Palm Beach County. For a time she co-owned a magazine and also designed and produced Chamber of Commerce annuals for many cities and one for Palm Beach County. She has also illustrated a children’s book. Over the years Lee has painted commissioned portraits and landscapes, murals, signs and even billboards! Her art business experience includes just about every type of artwork imaginable in almost every media. 

Lee has taught the graphic design business to several young people who now own their own graphics business or work for large agencies. She has also contributed many logo designs, brochures, set/stage designs and production, parade floats and has created costumes for many charities and schools over the years; pro bono. She believes that when God has given you a gift, it is meant to be shared. 

In 2011, after more than 38 years in business as an illustrator and designer for the trade, and after years of nurturing her family, Lee began once again to follow her dream to create fine art. She began painting daily in March 2011, and her paintings were first accepted for show that December. 

 Her work is derived or composed from original photographs, life sketches, or imagined scenarios. She feels it important keep her drawing skills honed. Often adding or subtracting images or re-colorizing she paints in a manner that she calls “my impression of realism. I do not wish to reproduce photography, but to paint something the way I see it or in the way I would like it to be.” 

"It excites me to watch art emerge from a blank surface; the creation brings me great joy. That moment  when the painting process becomes intuitive is glorious! I am mostly a realist; detail and light intrigues and challenges me. I can see beauty in everything. In my work I attempt to invoke the subject or feeling that moves me to begin to paint with the hope of sharing it.” _ Lee Krull

Lee’s fine works of art are signed Lee Krull (her maiden name) as she feels this is what defines her. She also wishes to honor the generations of artists, photographers, and poets from whence she came, who were never able to fully realize their dreams.


Watercolor_grandfather, Frederick Krull; Charcoal_grandmother, Gertrude Krull; Pencil_father, Roland

© Krull, Lee_"Over The Top"_Watercolor



 JAN 2020  “Value”, Lake Worth Art League, Lake Worth, FL, FIRST PLACE

DEC 2019 “Form”, Lake Worth Art League, Lake Worth , FL, THIRD PLACE

NOV 2019 “Color”, Lake Worth Art League, Lake Worth, FL, THIRD PLACE

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OCT 2016 Lake Worth Art League, Lake Worth, FL FIRST PLACE

FEB 2016 Lake Worth Art League, Lake Worth, FL, Honorable Mention

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MAY 2014 “ Arthall Alumni Show”, Bailey Contemporary Arts Center, Pompano Beach, FL

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JUL 2013 City of Lake Worth, GRANT, Mural “This Way To Paradise”

NOV 2013 ; Florida International University Graham Center Art Gallery, “A participatory art, nature and history project”: PARTICIPATING ARTIST in Flor 500, Flor 465 Florida Swap Privet, Oil on Canvas

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Lake Worth Art League/Artist's Eye Gallery - Executive Board Member

Women In The Visual Arts Juried Member and former Board Member

Palm Beach Water Color Society Member

Delray Art League Juried Member

LULA City of Lake Worth Beach Member

Artists By The Sea Art Group